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What inspires you?’ The LineaOrganica HQ Team Answers!

Last June 28, 2019, LineaOrganica launched its #InspiredToInspire campaign with our Brand Ambassadors sharing who inspires them in life. We also asked YOU in our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram giveaways what your inspirations were. This time, we asked the LineaOrganica Team members themselves the same question:

“What/ who is your inspiration and why?”

My parents are my inspiration. They inspire me in so many ways, they inspire me to be a good person and to be a strong person. My Father inspires me to dream big and do what it takes to be happy and successful. My Mother inspires me to be practical in life and to always love and respect my family and friends.” – Norielle

“My mother inspires me. Why? Because being a single mother is not easy. She needs to work hard and sacrifice her time being with me, but that’s not a big deal for me. Instead, it motivates and inspires me to be strong and independent from time to time just like her, so I can help her in the future. And that leads me to work hard here, doing my best to give back for all the hardships my mother had to endure.” – Jaize

“I am inspired to become the best version of myself. Every day, I make sure that I keep improving, pushing myself to my full potential, and I am grateful to my colleagues for making the process enjoyable.” – Jerald

“To be honest, many things inspire me. First, my family. They are the reason why I keep on working hard, why I keep on choosing to live and be happy in the first place. They didn’t stop believing in me. Second, my eagerness to achieve my dreams. It inspires me to keep going and lastly, my friends. They inspire me to live my life happily and enjoy every single moment that I have. They taught me to stop worrying about the things I can’t control. Instead, to focus on the things that make me happy.” – Bianca

“Who inspired me the most is my MOTHER. The way she thinks about life and our future. My father died when I was eight years old. When my two sisters and I were in our elementary school days, she led and guided us on our path to success in life. She is a strong woman, and she never gives up on us even if she has to face all the problems that come in her life and ours. I want to become as strong as her. I know that in my age right now, there are so many problems that will come, and I want to surpass those problems and enjoy life. And as I think about all the people that have already reached their dreams and became successful in life, I want to be part of those people too, especially on the path that I choose!” – Jay

“Who inspires me? A superwoman in my life, my mother. Being a mother and principal at the same time is very hard. She needs to balance her time for us and for her work, wherein sometimes, she sacrifices her time to be with us. But it’s okay because I know she loves her work very much, and I support her like how she supports me. She’s my best friend. My favorite line from her is “BE A GOOD GIRL.” That line means a lot to me, because it is the reason why I’m mature enough to make decisions and why I am an independent woman. I will always be grateful that she is my mother.” – Gly

“My inspiration is my family. I want to give back everything they have done for me. For also not giving up on me. Special mention to Norielle Rara, she’s always my inspiration. I’m always motivated to go to work everyday because of her, and she inspires me to be my very best. :-)” – Do

“My Mom inspires me to be accountable and responsible for my own decisions in life, to have compassion for animals and to take care of the environment in our little way, to manage my stress well, and to be strong in whatever problems that I would have to face sooner or later. My Dad inspires me to be disciplined and to have willpower in whatever it is that I want to pursue whether it’s making good art, writing good stories, or being more fit and healthy. They both inspire me in so many ways that I cannot possibly put them all here, but what I know is that I am inspired to be a better version of myself and to love more truly and responsibly because of them, whether the direction of my love is towards God, my Mom and Dad, our relatives, neighbors, friends, colleagues, other people, and of course, animals and Earth!” – Arli

“To be moved’ is how I see the word inspiration. I am more than blessed to be in a workplace that inspires me to inspire in my own little way. As a guy working on creative contents, being moved is something I always yearn for. I always lean into different forms that I see and try to make the most out of them, or even better different ideas that I work with. Always stay motivated, cast your thoughts the right way, and try to find light in everything you do.” – Jayson

“My inspiration is my Mom. She’s everything I want to be. I hope I can be half as amazing as her when I become a Mom: perfect balance of strength and grace. I am inspired by her resilience throughout all the difficulties that she encountered; never did she once falter and give up. She never gives up, because she had us. That’s when I knew that no matter what happens, as long as I have her, I can go through anything.” – Raine

“It might seem ironic, but encountering problems inspires me a lot. Discomfort and challenges spark amazing and creative ideas in my mind – ideas that seek to improve lives – both mine and others’. Furthermore, these problems push and motivate me to always strive for better things, for excellence, for a better ‘me’ everyday. Whenever I receive bad news about suffering, environment issues, and others, I’m inspired and moved to do my part in making this world a little better in my own little way, and in the process, inspire others to do the same.” – Cathy

“My Mom. She’s the strongest woman I know. Also, my Lola. They put everything and family ahead of themselves. They always have so much love to give, they’re very understanding, and they have incredible faith in the Lord. My Mom always had a positive outlook in life. She was always smiling and happy spreading good energy, even when she was battling cancer. I think I got that from her – that’s why I’m a happy person and always optimistic. That being said, another person that inspires me is myself. I’m always motivated and sometimes, impatient, to be the best version of myself. I’m always excited of what the future holds for me, what I will be in the following years. That’s why in the present, I try to learn things even in the most unfortunate situations. I believe I go through it for a reason, and that I will get something out of it. I continuously reflect on myself, what I did right, what I did wrong, how my attitude was towards people. I want my future self to be someone with no regrets, happy, content, and always full of love and compassion.” – Faus

“First, my family. My parents who are very hard-working, who supported me in every important decision I made in my life, who take care of me and my other four sisters. They are my inspiration and everything to me that I look up to every day to keep me going. For who I am now is because of them. Second, my other half, Harvey, who motivates me to be the better version of myself as a young professional, as a girlfriend (future wife :P) and as a person. He has overcome a lot of difficulties in life and has achieved a lot of success at a young age (he’s only 26) because of his patience, passion, and perseverance. He’s an inspiration and a great mentor in my early career stage. I look at him when I feel a bit low on confidence and self-esteem. I seek for his guidance, support, and advices every time I have my low moments in life. Lastly, my self/future self. I inspire myself for waking up each day, doing her thing with passion and a purpose. For doing what she believes is right. For her eagerness to learn through education and experiences. For believing in herself that she can do everything with God’s help and with the trust and support of important people in her life. Every day, I believe in myself that I’ll do great and become successful someday. The small and/or big decisions that she needs to take in her life are for her future self who will also inspire (become an inspiration) the people around her and others.” – Jhaz

“Of course, our customers and our company purpose inspire me, but more so, our LineaOrganica employees inspire me. I’m so blessed to work with such fun, smart, and proactive people, and I am inspired to continuously make LineaOrganica a healthy and purposeful place to work in. I hope to inspire them to inspire others as well.” – Mikee

That was a lot to take in, huh? We hope that our team’s answers have moved you to look at your own life and see what inspires you. The word inspire itself, according to Google, is this:

“Middle English enspire, from Old French inspirer, from Latin inspirare ‘breathe or blow into’

from in- ‘into’ + spirare ‘breathe’

The word was originally used of a divine or supernatural being, in the sense ‘impart a truth or idea to someone’.”

It can be such a very common word nowadays; we read it on social media, we hear it from others, we say it a lot, but have we ever really dug deep within ourselves and figure out what makes us feel so alive in the morning, sustained in the day, and fulfilled in the evening?

Isn’t its etymology lovely in itself?

When something inspires us, we are being imparted a truth.

What are the truths that are in your life, Linea Fam?

What breathes on you to inspire others in this beautiful life of yours?

What makes you be inspired to inspire? 🙂