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About Us

LineaOrganica is a health and beauty shop that offers certified organic and natural beauty products from all over the globe and uses these products for hair, facial, and body treatments. With the vision of pioneering the use of organic and natural products for a healthy lifestyle that promotes long life, we aim to be the biggest chain of organic and natural beauty and healthcare shops in the Philippines. LineaOrganica is not just a brand – it’s a way of life that invites you to…

Learn Organic – Learn about the organic and natural way of life
Live Organic – Make the products and services an essential part of your routine
Love Organic – Share the benefits of using organic and natural to those you love

Everything here is made with Organic & Natural

You never have to compromise your health for beauty

Shop Hair & Skin Care Essentials

NAOBAY Color Protect Shampoo


NAOBAY Vitality & Shine Shampoo

NAOBAY Reparative Shampoo

NAOBAY Protective Conditioner

NAOBAY Detox Moisturizing Facial Scrub

What People are Saying About Us

"I have always been particular on what products to use on my body. Am glad that Linea Organica carries a lot of what I’ve been looking for. Their Anti aging line for skin and hair & scalp problems are my favorite. 💚"
-Tess Carlos
"I got the bsoul physiological set as a gift from my husband and i love it specially the bsoul face cream. now i also have the iva natura foot and hand cream. i strongly recommend their products!👍👏"
-Rachel Del Rosario
"I like the Naobay Hydraplus set that i tried. It doesn’t irritate my skin compare to non organic products I have tried before."
-Des Sunglao

Shop Skin Care Essentials

NAOBAY Detox Illuminating Micellar Water

NAOBAY Detox Sun Shield Cream

NAOBAY Detox Detoxing Foam Cleanser

NAOBAY Detox Energizing Facial Mist Toner

NAOBAY Detox Rich Nourishing Cream

Shop Intimate Care

Good Clean Love Balance Moisturizing Personal Wash

GOOD CLEAN LOVE Rebalance Wipes

GOOD CLEAN LOVE Caribbean Rose Love Oil
₱3,550.00 ₱710.00

GOOD CLEAN LOVE Legends Organic Perfume
₱4,250.00 ₱850.00



Love Oil Gift Set of 3
Aug 14, 2020

We Tried The Organic Hair Color That’s 100% Made Of Herbs And Here’s What Happened

Aug 07, 2020

Radico 101

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