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WATCH: Everything You Need To Know About Radico Hair Color

Nowadays, discoveries and enhancement of chemicals for hair products have been developing rapidly. Little do we know, these chemical based products are slowly killing the natural functions of our hair. That is why,  Radico Color Me Organic Hair Color is invented to help us color our hair in a natural way without damaging it.

Watch the video below and know more about the do’s and donts when using Radico Hair Color.

Hair Color is one of the most common guilty habits that we all do regardless of the damages that it does to our hair’s health. Hair color products have harmful chemicals such as PAP, AmmoniaParabensPeroxideResorcinal and more – in which damaging your hair and health. Worry no more, because the good thing about the Radico Hair Color , is that it is  made up of 100% natural herbs making it absolutely chemical free and no side effects that can cause harmful to your bodies.

For further information, watch the video below and know Radico more.

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