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V-Day Must Have: Aphrodisiac Organic Perfume

It is now time to celebrate love! No matter what you are doing this Valentine’s Day, or no matter who you’re with (single or not) smelling and feeling sexy are two important things to do while celebrating V-day or even just doing your daily agendas. Did you know that scent enhances your sensuality and strengthen your love connection with you partner?

Drop your chemical based colognes and perfumes, because we just found the perfect ‘must have’ organic perfume that totally makes your partner so into you. BUT, yes there’s a big ‘but’ there, it’s not just a perfume for couples, it is also for everyone who wants to attract someone. Like your crush? or someone you like for a very long time. No worries, we got you!

Aphrodisiac scent is the key to get what you want and we think that Valentine’s is the perfect opportunity.  Hear that ladies? Guys? Trying an aphrodisiac organic scent will invoke deep attraction. For all we know, smell is the language of love!

Check out these aphrodisiac organic perfume that are perfect for everyone:


Scent is a powerful factor when it comes to romance, this Legends aphrodisiac signature scent from Good Clean Love is an iconic perfume designed to awaken the passionate lover in each of us. It contains ancient libido oils such as East Indian Sandalwood, Omani Frankincense, and Bulgarian Rose that will drive your partner/crush crazy for you. These libido oils respond to the unique body chemistry of the wearer.


Don’t under estimate the power of scented attraction, the Myths aphrodisiac perfume is rooted in passionate desire, reflecting the mystery and power of the divine feminine. This sexual perfume contains no fixatives, so they respond to the unique body chemistry of the wearer.

Good Clean Love’s signature scents are dedicated to providing a healthy alternative to synthetic perfumes which are produced with harmful chemicals such as acetone, petroleum and many more.

Start your journey to your own epic love story this Valentine’s Day! Remember, smelling good is sexier than dressing well.

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