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The Prettiest & Sexiest You: LineaOrganica at Wedding Expo 2018

The wedding day.

It’s one special day, but it takes months or years to prepare for it, excluding the long time, of course, that the couple builds their relationship which is the foundation of the wedding day and marriage.

But excluding the nurturing and growing of the relationship, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the wedding day planning and preparations! Sometimes, the inner Bridezilla (and Groomzilla?) comes out when they’re trying to iron out every crease and fold in their dream wedding. They want to make sure that the venue is all good, as well as the food, the party favors, souvenirs, cake, decorations, entourage, program, the suit, and the dress!

With all these details though, they sometimes forget another important detail. Without it, the dress would be useless.

The bride and groom has already prepared everything, but have they ever asked themselves if they were prepared?

By this, we mean, are their bodies healthy and at their best conditions?

This was the premise of LineaOrganica Experience’s participation in the 33rd Wedding Expo Philippines, the biggest wedding fair in Asia, at the SMX Convention last Sept. 8-9.

LineaOrganica aimed to offer their organic, natural, and non-invasive treatments for the face and body for the bride to prepare herself for the wedding day!

The groom, the parents, and anyone who is part of the wedding can avail of these services to help assure that they can look and be their best on the big day the engaged becomes married.

[The LineaOrganica Experience website is now live. Book an appointment now at!]

Many people came by the booth and inquired about the services. There were also bSoul products, made in Tuscany, Italy, up for purchase which are the ones that LineaOrganica Experience uses for their face and body treatments.

A free skin consultation was also given to interested couples and families.

To top it all off, there was an hourly raffle draw too where lucky winners won a LineaOrganica product and a tote bag! Here’s a photo of our first winner on the first day!

Check out our highlights video here: