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The New Normal Skincare: 3-Step Anti-Mascne Skincare Routine

Wearing a mask is now an essential, but bad skin shouldn’t be.

What is “mascne”?

Mascne is the combination of “mask” and “acne” to describe breakouts on the nose, cheek and chin areas caused by wearing a mask all day.

What causes “mascne”?

When we wear a mask, not only does it block virus-carrying respiratory droplets, but also the pores and hair follicles on our skin. Board-certified dermatologist Carrie Kovarik said that our skin will suffer from moisture-related dermatitis, as the mask traps bacteria from breath, sebum and saliva; while, contact dermatitis happens when something constantly rubs on the skin. The friction, heat and pressure from the mask, while we go out to work or do the groceries, will likely trigger breakouts.

Now, we can’t stop ourselves from wearing masks, but we can combat this new breed of acne by including these essential steps in our nightly routine!



Detoxifying rids your skin of toxins, pollutants and impurities that accumulated throughout the day. A deep cleanse at night is crucial to decongest the trapped heat and humidity, at the same time cleaning the skin from bacteria and excess sebum.

For best results, we recommend to double cleanse! First, use a micellar water to remove make up, then use a detoxifying cleanser!

NAOBAY Detox Illuminating Micellar Water effectively removes any built-up grime and makeup. Its green tea and raspberry extracts strengthen your skin’s protection from pollutants and toxins, while sage and aloe vera soothe the inflammation caused by the mask’s pressure points.

NAOBAY Detox Detoxing Foam Cleanser deeply cleanses by removing hard-to-remove impurities. It is enriched with ginger and lemon extract to simultaneously control excess sebum with its astringent properties and soothe the skin.


Rebuilding the skin’s natural protective barrier protects it from mascne-causing bacteria. Constant friction and contact from the mask’s material irritate and damage the skin. A skin-healing toner like NAOBAY Detox Energizing Facial Mist is antioxidant-rich with blueberry extract that balances the skin’s pH, rebuilding the natural acid barrier.


End your nightly skincare routine on a relaxing note! Use a light soothing cream that will hydrate your skin without the greasy feeling. NAOBAY Detox Oxygen Light Cream has the antioxidant power of green tea combined with with the protective properties of the legendary living fossil Ginkgo biloba will act as a shield against daily aggressions while raspberry will protect your skin from water loss and aloe vera will calm and soften it.

Need more moisture? Quench your skin’s thirst with NAOBAY Detox-Renewal Argan Oil rich with Vitamin E to bring back elasticity, prevents wrinkles and soothes irritated skin. Just 3 drops on the face, neck and neckline will give your skin the hydration it needs!

Keeping your skin clean and moisturized Aside from improving your skincare regimen, remember to disinfect and wash your cloth mask before every use. Let your skin breathe, remove the mask when not needed.

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