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The Commuter Cleansing Products Must-Haves

Every time we commute our face is open and vulnerable to harsh environment and staying too long under the sun makes it an ultimate nightmare for our face.  Braving the crazy traffic of the metro is not the only thing you should be worrying about. Due to our chaotic and early routine in the morning we often overlook to take care of our skin, we are not protecting our face from being too exposed to pollution and the stress that it cause.

With amount of care and right products to use, you’ll be able to protect your skin from damaging it. Here are the beauty products must-haves if you are a commuter:


Before going to bed it is very important to remove all the excess make up on your face. Clean your face from all the chemicals it absorb.

IVA Natura Make Up Cleanser

removes all make up in one wash, especially suitable for people with blemished skin.


The art of cleansing is a must as it wash away all the impurities, dirt even sweat that your skin absorbed other than the chemicals.

Naobay Deep Cleansing Milk and Deep Cleansing Scrub Cream

These two work hand in hand in removing deep down dirt  and impurities from the face while gently exfoliating. After a long day of being too exposed in pollutants, use these two to clear those trapped dirt and impurities.


For Men: Naobay Men All In One Face Wash 

Exclusively designed for men a natural sulfate-free facial gel that cleans and protect the skin, perfect cleansing foam for men after a long day of work and commuting.


 When commuting it is inevitable that a long hour of waiting makes our skin dry, so one way to hydrate your face and keep it cool is the use of Face Mist.

Naobay Equillibria Face Mist Toner

This two-in-one product is your go to carry on the bag to keep you look fresh, clean all day and in addition moisturize your skin. This facial mist toner is gentle enough to use throughout the whole day.


Your day shouldn’t be complete without putting enough amount of moisturizing cream on your face, this moisture the dry parts of your face, keeping it hydrated through out the day.

Iva Natura Moisturizing Day and Night Cream

The Day Cream helps the face to be nourished and protected against the damaging effects of the sun while the Night Cream has antioxidant feature that is known as a secret of staying young. It helps you to wake with a fresh face the next day.

Making a routine to achieve healthy skin goes a long way, after these you’ll be breakout-free proof and always ready to blaze through the crazy traffic.