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Skin Science and Beauty: LineaOrganica Launches bSoul Line in PH

LineaOrganica Managing Director Mikee Federizo gives the Opening Remarks in the bSoul Brand Launch last July 12, 2018.

For the month of July, LineaOrganica put the spotlight on one of its partner brands that marries science and beauty.

In the grandeur of the Taft Ballroom in Conrad Manila, MOA Complex, Pasay, many people gathered for the bSoul Brand Launch in the Philippines held last July 12.

Coming from Tuscany, Italy, bSoul is an Italian skin care brand founded by Ms Martina Bindi, and it is one of the frontline products of the organic and natural beauty company.

“To be beautiful without make-up – every woman’s dream.”     

These words rang through the hall, echoing the desire of women to be lovely even without the help of make-up. They were written too on the bSoul Physiological Kit boxes, neatly lined up in the product display tables.

And what is underneath all that foundation, blush, and bronzer? Where do we apply these things?

Our face.

Make-up can only do so much to enhance our features or cover blemishes or dark spots, but to really achieve a vibrant look even without its help is a good yardstick to set for our #skingoals. If we look naturally radiant with healthy skin, we probably would not put much make-up anymore.

This is exactly what products of bSoul do: focusing on our skin by normalizing it and bringing back its right pH balance.

Being in the brand launch was like a science class mixed with beauty, and the kind of beauty that bSoul promotes is one that is skin-deep.


Its products and procedures are more on the physiological aspect rather than just purely aesthetic or surface-level – meaning, it focuses on the normal bodily functions of our skin organ.

And because it is about reinstating its role by nature, a good way to normalize the skin is by using only natural products.

Natural products for a natural purpose.

The skin acts as our protection from the sun’s UV rays and all sorts of free radicals like pollution. If it is not fulfilling its responsibility well, the skin barrier gets weaker and weaker.

Ms Martina Bindi tackled these topics first before moving on to the actual demonstration wherein she gave a facial treatment and body treatment, along with LineaOrganica therapists, to two attendees of the event.

The bSoul founder gave a Hydra Lift treatment that awakens cell metabolism, restores the desired level of skin hydration, and highly improves anabolic and metabolic mechanisms with its strong antioxidant action. It is recommended for those who have already developed signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines.

But this is just the tip of the bSoul beauty iceberg.

This brand also carries products which can safely reduce dreaded excess centimeters from our tummies, backs, arms, and legs.

Ms Bindi gave the Hydra Detox treatment, a draining and detoxifying technique that reduces water retention and eliminates toxins from the lymphatic system. It also helps in decreasing the superficial appearance of cellulite in the body.

Hydra Detox uses hydra-sublime powder 1, a synergistic mix of micro-sized plants with added salts. Partnered with special techniques, this product energizes, drains, and detoxifies the body the natural non-invasive way. Getting this treatment is like having a massage with a body scrub!

For both treatments, before and after and photos were shown to demonstrate the apparent changes in the models’ look.

With thanks to the bSoul brand launch, more people are gradually familiarizing themselves with safe, good, and natural options to achieve their #nomakeuplook and #bodygoals.

To further appreciate what the treatments can do, LineaOrganica and bSoul gave away raffle prizes wherein many participants won gift vouchers for treatments like the Hydra Lift and Hydra Detox. Throughout the launch, people also got the chance to ask questions about skin care to Ms Bindi.

At the end of the discussion and demonstration, the event attendees gathered together to have a photo, along with the founder Ms Martina Bindi and CEO Mr Claudio Zampino, as well as the LineaOrganica President Mr Jack Federizo, COO Ms Ruby Federizo, and Managing Director Ms Mikee Federizo.

(From L-R) LineaOrganica COO Ruby Federizo, bSoul CEO Claudio Zampino, bSoul Founder Martina Bindi, LineaOrganica Managing Director Mikee Federizo and President Jack Federizo.

bSoul, with LineaOrganica, aims to promote beautiful skin even without the help of make-up, and that starts from within.

LineaOrganica offers the Hydra Facial and Hydra Detox and other bSoul products and services in their flagship store at 2F S Maison Conrad Manila, MOA Complex, Pasay City. You may also visit the bSoul page on the website.