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New Year New You: Experience The Organic Way Of Life This 2018

Ending the year is one of the things that we want to do something special and memorable whether with friends, families or even with your special someone. New year does not always mean we have to change ourselves entirely, but it also means opportunities and possibilities to improve yourself by getting fit and taking care of your body.

In 2018, LineaOrganica promotes the organic way of life which will help you to be healthy and beautiful in a natural way. Achieve that ‘New Year New You’ goal with us! Every one of us has a unique beauty with a specific beauty issues that we want to solve. We offer certified organic products for your hair, face, skin and body that are safe and effective because of the natural ingredients of the brands that we offer. We are the first ever one stop organic beauty shop in the Philippines, we got all the products that are perfectly safe for you.

Try these ‘New Year New You’ guide that we listed down just for you:


Looking for a new hairstyle? Why not change your hair color? We have 23 colors available that you can choose from Radico Organic Hair Color such as Dark Brown, Mahogany, Violet, Light Ash Blonde and more. Having a new look this new year is the best way to start the ‘New Year New You’ project.


If you are one of the people that are still not satisfied with their skin care routine, you might wanna switch to the bSoul normalization kit. Get your beautiful skin back in no time using bsoul’s Hydramilk Cleanser, 3Action Face ScrubRedness Sinergy Face Serumand Hydracomfort Moisturizer.


Make your bath time even better with Iva Natura shower essentials. Use everyday the Iva Natura’s Shower Gel for smoother skin, Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner to have soft and healthy hair.


Guys, try the Naobay’s Multi Effect All In One Facial set! Make your skin firm using the Men All In One Face Wash, Face Cream, Eye Contourand the After Shave Balm.

Start your year with a bang with these ‘New Year New You’ guide and let us know what you think of these changes. Happy New Year!