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LineaOrganica's #InspiredToInspire Campaign: The Story Behind

A personal blog post from our managing director: What do you want to be when you grow up? As kids, we would often answer, “I want to be an astronaut” or “I want to be a doctor”. For me, it was always “I want to be a businesswoman”. Ever since I was young, I knew exactly what I wanted to be and that is to be like my dad, whom I have shadowed all my life. Now that I am already in that position, a “businesswoman” you can say, I asked myself again: What do I want to be in the future? I was sitting at my childhood best friend Nina’s wedding and witnessed something so pure and beautiful. It was the first time that I saw the bride and groom honor their parents during the wedding ceremony. It was so emotional and the whole room was crying. By just sitting there and hearing all the speeches of the newly weds to their parents and the parents’ to the newly weds, I suddenly felt a gush in my stomach — I was inspired. We’ve always built LineaOrganica to be not just a business, but a business with a purpose. Our very essence as a brand is to help every Filipinos be more aware and mindful of their daily choices. To be mindful of not just what they eat, but also what they put on their skin because it also goes in. In our day and age, I have seen countless beauty brands advertise how being beautiful means having long hair, white skin, skinny build, flat stomach — I have nothing against these brands but what are we teaching the market? To be unconfident, to feel bad about themselves, to want something they don’t have. I ask myself, what is up with all these campaigns? Beauty is subjective. There’s no real definition of “beauty” and there must be a reason why. Beauty can be so temporary, but what lasts? Health. Health is the biggest investment a person can have. When we take care of ourselves as young as we are, our good health is something that lasts forever. Therefore, forget about beauty beauty beauty, let’s talk about being healthy healthy healthy! Why do we want to be healthy? First, it’s for ourselves. But second and more importantly, it’s for our loved ones. We hope to live long so that we can spend time with our loved ones more. For us to take care of our parents and give them everything they deserve. For us to see our great grandchildren. I cannot name a single person that wouldn’t want this. So, why don’t we get inspiration to be healthy? One of our biggest inspirations is our family. In our #InspiredToInspire campaign, we focused on four women who are: A daughter, two mothers who are also sisters, and a grandmother. Lola Remy is the epitome of a person who has aged so gracefully because she took care of herself since she was young. Tita Tess and Tita Mafi always looked up to their mother who taught them how to be strong and independent, and the power of love. Nina, who is from the youngest generation, saw all of the powerful women and got inspired to be just like them, and wants to pass it on to her future daughter/ son. This is how powerful inspiration can be. It can be passed from generation to generation. Going back to my question to myself of what I want to be in the future, I now know the exact answer. That is: TO BE AN INSPIRATION. 🙂 I hope that those who will see our new LineaOrganica campaign will feel inspired, and be inspired to put their health first above everything else. To take care of themselves, to be a better son/ daughter, a better boyfriend/ girlfriend, a better husband/ wife, a better father/ mother, a better friend, a better student, a better employee, a better teacher, a better citizen— a better person that will be an inspiration for others as well. Mikee Federizo – Managing Director   Watch the full campaign video here: