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Dry Or Oily Skin? Here Are Organic Skincare Sets Made For You.

When people enter our shops, we would ask customers what their skincare concerns are. Some of them would say that they are looking for skincare that is good for their skin type. It helps to know what your skin type is, so you can find the correct products for you – ones that will help address your need and not worsen it.

Today, we’ll be sharing two skincare sets that could just be your perfect match if you have dry or oily skin.

But first, we’ll discuss first the characteristics and the ingredients that you must avoid if you have these skin types.

Dry skin

When we have dry skin, it may be rough to the touch. Our skin may also be easily inflamed, itchy, irritated, flaky, or cracked. Likewise, it may feel tight after washing our faces.

When you have dry skin, you must avoid ingredients that further strip off your skin’s natural oils such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), alcohol, salicylic acid, harsh and antibacterial soaps, and instead use products that are moisturizing and nourishing.

We recommend: The Naobay Hydraplus Complete Set for Dry Skin

From the name itself, its aim is to help you hydrate the barren parts of your skin!

The Naobay Hydraplus Complete Set consists of four products:

Naobay Hydraplus Face Toner – Feel refreshed with this toner, and let it balance, cleanse, and moisturize your skin on the face and neck.

Naobay Hydraplus Cream – Imagine this cream as a well filled with water, because this was especially produced for dry and dehydrated skin with its deep-down hydration, with thanks to the water-retaining properties of salvia extract.

Naobay Moisturizing Peeling – This is a facial cleansing milk with velvety smooth texture particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

Oily skin

For oily skin, although the face may appear shiny, it is actually dehydrated inside as well. Due to the lack of hydration, the skin then creates even more oil, so that it will not feel dry. This is the reason why we tend to have pimples, blackheads, and other blemishes, because of the excessive oil our skin produces (that is prone to attracting bacteria).

For people with oily skin, we highly suggest to eat clean and avoid greasy food. Of course, you should also use a skincare regimen with ingredients to help control the oil.

We Suggest: The Naobay Mattifying Set For Oily Skin.

Your skin can get that mattifying, non-sticky feel too with the Naobay Mattifying Set!

Naobay Mattifying Gel Cleanser – Start the day with a refreshing wash with this cleansing gel that has natural ingredients that offer skin repair and improvement. It thoroughly cleanses traces of impurities, dirt from environmental pollution, and makeup.

Naobay Mattifying Line Face Toner – Power up your skincare routine by using this face toner with a combination of organic extracts, including lemon, mint, and thyme, which brings a feeling of freshness and cleanliness, in addition to skin-restoring properties.

Naobay Mattifying Line Mattifying Cream – Cap off your regimen and banish oiliness with this cream that’s specially designed to give your skin with a matte finish. It contains rice starch for a smooth texture and shine-free skin results.

So are you #TeamDry or #TeamOily? Now that you know, make sure to use the right products made for your skincare type.

The Naobay Hydraplus Complete Set and Naobay Mattifying Set are available at and our retail shops at 2F S Maison, MOA Complex, Pasay City, and Ground Level, Ayala Malls Vertis North, Quezon City.