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Ditch the Itch: LineaOrganica, Shaoyun Hold Consultation at S Maison

“What is beauty?”

There was a brief silence, as if everyone was trying to recollect how they defined beauty. After a short while, an answer came from a guest, and it was one that perhaps everybody can agree on.

Non-verbatim, the answer was beauty is found within and without.

This question was part of the introductory talk of the Founder and Scientist of Shaoyun Natural Health and Beauty from Germany, Ms. Shaoyun Liang at the Ditch the Itch: Shaoyun Skin Care Event at LineaOrganica, S Maison Conrad last August 21, 2018. She discussed about her products and particular skin conditions they are addressing.

Ms. Liang, accompanied by Shaoyun CEO and President Daniel Laschkari, held a special 1-day consultation at the store for guests and visitors who had skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, rashes, and itchiness among others. They were able to voice out their concerns, and in return, received a recommendation for what Shaoyun product is good for them.

(From L to R) Shaoyun Scientist and Founder Ms. Shaoyun Liang, LineaOrganica Managing Director Ms. Mikee Federizo and COO Ms. Ruby Federizo, and Shaoyun CEO and President Mr. Daniel Laschkari.

They were also given free product samples of PSO3, one of Shaoyun’s products that can help alleviate symptoms of the aforementioned skin issues.

Certified by ICADA and made in Germany with authentic organic herbs, Shaoyun is one of LineaOrganica’s upcoming brands.

As a child, nature inspired Ms. Liang, especially the plants of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), so she based her products on TCM as well.

In general, Shaoyun is suitable for sensitive, dry, and irritated skin.

During her talk, Ms. Liang said that she wanted to help more people take care of their skin. LineaOrganica is hopeful that people who have certain skin conditions can find relief through Shaoyun.

The LineaOrganica team pose with Ms. Shaoyun Liang, Mr. Daniel Laschkari, Ms. Ruby Federizo, Ms. Mikee Federizo, and LineaOrganica President and CEO Mr. Jack Federizo.