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Commuter? We have the Perfect Skincare Routine For You!

Smoke, free radicals, sun, stress!

Daily commutes and exposure to pollution in the urban jungle can take a toll on our skin. We might not notice it immediately, but day by day, these factors contribute to more visible signs like loss of moisture, luminosity and elasticity.

According to some studies, skin dehydration is one of the actual effects of pollution to the skin. When our skin is dehydrated, it is more prone to the effects of aging like lines, wrinkles, and dullness.

The skin tone also becomes uneven!

We understand the skin dilemma of hustling in the city every day. Add that to the icky feeling during night when we’re about to wash our faces.

This is precisely why one of our brand partners, Naobay, came up with a whole new line that’s targeted to protect our skin from pollution.

It’s time to Detox!

The Anti-Pollution NAOBAY Detox Line is composed of 11 certified natural products whose respective ingredients were strategically combined to protect your skin against external aggression during the day, to deeply oxygenate during mid-day, and to calm and repair it during the night.

It’s perfect for us who have to face the outside world every day, commuting via car, train, jeepney, tricycles, or ride-hailing apps, most especially if we do field work or attend meetings around the metro. These products are also certified natural by international certifying bodies like ECOCERT, assuring you they only contain the best natural ingredients.

Let us now share the AM / PM skincare routine using the Detox line!


1) Awaken and prep up your face by cleansing with the NAOBAY Detox-Detoxing Foam Cleanser. This cleanser doesn’t just give you a boost of Vitamin C and other antioxidants, but it also helps control excess sebum throughout the day.

2) Next, use the multi-functional NAOBAY Detox-Energizing Facial Mist Toner to prepare your skin by wetting a cotton pad and gently applying it onto the skin before applying your moisturizer. You can also use this to set your make-up for a fresh, dewy look. Another tip: bring this everywhere you go! We’ll mention this later again. 😉

3) Now, we go to creams! You may choose from two:

TIP: Combine the NAOBAY Detox-Renewal Serum with the NAOBAY Detox-Oxygen Light Cream for best results or for a light treatment in the day. Gently massage the cream to your face, until it has been completely absorbed. Don’t worry – it isn’t greasy and heavy at all. The cream quickly vanishes and sinks into the skin.

However, If you have dark circles and puffy eyes, we suggest the NAOBAY Detox-Soft Eye Contour and Cream instead. Gently apply, and then finish it off with circular movements for complete absorption. It’s suitable for use all over the face (not just in the eye areas), especially if your skin is sensitive or in need of extra antioxidant care.

4) Lastly, cap off your morning routine with the NAOBAY-Detox Sun Shield Cream. Apply it generously before heading out, then simply re-apply to maintain protection throughout the day.

In The Afternoon

Skin feeling dull and dry?

We hope you brought the NAOBAY-Detox Energizing Facial Mist Toner (and the Sun Shield Cream too) with you!

Open your bag, and simply spritz and spray your face back to life. The toner contains a refreshing blend of fruit juice and green tea; it’s a revitalizing cocktail that’s made for thirsty skin.


The day is done, you’ve had dinner with your bosses and officemates, survived the city traffic and you’ve arrived home to take some well-deserved beauty rest, but before hitting the hay, you need to wash up first!

Time to detox all the dirt, grime, dust, and other impurities that your skin accumulated during the tiring day.

1) Clean your face, and remove your makeup with the NAOBAY Detox-Illuminating Micellar Water that cleanses, purifies, and prepares the skin to receive the benefits better.

If you want more deep cleansing action, you can follow this up with the NAOBAY Detox-Detoxing Foam Cleanser. You may spritz some NAOBAY Detox-Energizing Facial Mist Toner again for extra moisture.

2) Next, let your skin drink up some vitamin E with the NAOBAY Detox-Renewal Argan Oil which prevents and corrects wrinkles, provides elasticity, and forms a barrier to maintain hydration and help soothe irritation. We recommend adding this to your night routine if you have thirsty skin that craves deep-down nutrition. Apply three drops on the face, neck, and neckline. Likewise, you may apply drops to your regular products, and use them during the day.

3) Then, apply the NAOBAY Detox-Renewal Serum in circular motions from the inside to the outside of the face. Formulated with powerful active red seaweed, it delivers an instant lifting effect, giving even sleep-deprived skin a much needed morning boost. This light & easily absorbable serum can be used by all skin types!

4) End the night by applying the NAOBAY Detox-Rich Nourishing Cream. It has anti-aging properties. Moreover, it deeply hydrates and calms stressed skin with thanks to its blueberry leaf extract. You can also use it as a night mask by adding an extra layer of cream for an intensive anti-aging and moisturizing treatment . 😉

Recommended to use 2x a week…

After cleansing, use the NAOBAY Detox-Moisturizing Facial Scrub to gently remove dead skin cells with the help of biodegradable apricot kernel particles. Massage it carefully onto the skin, and then remove it with plenty of water, and dry without rubbing.

We also recommend that you use the NAOBAY Detox-Black Fossil Wood Mask after you cleanse and exfoliate. This is a deep detoxifying treatment that contains activated charcoal from wood, a powerful cleanser that balances excess sebum and bacteria.

Just apply a uniform layer on clean and dry skin. and then leave it on for five minutes if you have dry skin, and 10 to 20 minutes if you have normal or oily skin.

Now that’s a wrap! Time to take that beauty sleep, and say adieu to the pollution. Nothing beats sleeping knowing and feeling how clean your skin is!

And now that we’re done…

You can confidently traverse around the metro, because you now have the anti-pollution NAOBAY Detox Line that’s dedicated to protect your skin from the harmful effects of smoke, free radicals, sun, and stress!

We hope that this product feature on the anti-pollution NAOBAY gave you a glimpse on how it can help you reach your dreams in the city, day in and day out!

Photographs Courtesy of NAOBAY
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