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Cellulite Reduction Without LIPO? Now possible

Today’s topic is a straightforward one.

As women, most of us get very conscious about these annoying lumpy lines on our butt, thighs, and even tummy a.k.a. our worst enemy – CELLULITE. It is truly one of our insecurities, especially in this world where social media portrays such superficial images of women that are sexy and flawless. We wish this wasn’t the case, but it’s the reality.

The upside of this is that most of us are now more willing to live healthy, go to the gym, and eat right. The downside is that, no matter how much time we spend on the gym, losing fat and inches off our body is just so difficult! As a result, we give in to other options such as drinking slimming teas, take oral medicines, or the last resort – we go to our dermatologist, and get a liposuction.


Cellulite is the dimpling appearance of our skin and is also one of our body’s way of telling us “you are too much.” Why? Because cellulite is an excessive deposit of fats, toxins and even water retention. Our lymphatic system can’t function well and can’t flush those unnecessary substances in our body. It can be caused by our eating habits, like eating too much salty and sweet food, oily foods and worst of all – drinking too many alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages can be dangerous for our liver which is the one that eliminates toxins in our body.

We have 3 stages of cellulite:

  • Water retention – it happens when we can’t flush excess waters from our body. The fluid leaks out of the blood vessel and fills up interstitial spaces which can lead to oxygen deprivation in our tissues.
  • Enlarged fat cells – when the oxygen level in our tissue decreases, lactic acid accumulation increases and because of that, our tissue will become resistant to metabolism, thus slowing the process of breaking down the fats. This can be worse when our lymphatic system doesn’t function well.
  • Nodules – it is produced when there is an increase accumulation of lactic acid. Our tissues stick to each other. You can feel nodules as round and small, and it produces pain when palpated.


Did you know that before undergoing liposuction, they will require you to be injected with anesthesia? Can you image how painful it is that anesthesia is to be used?

During the procedure, a small steel instrument called the cannula will be inserted into the fatty areas of your body through an incision or opening and there they will suction the fats.

There are some other types of liposuction wherein the doctor first injects chemical in your body to help the fats to be easily removed by increasing the blood flow. These procedures can be harmful for your body.

However, because of thorough research and development through time, more natural options are coming out.


After years and years of research, bSoul Italia, one of LineaOrganica’s brands, has developed a treatment that can remove cellulite in a non-invasive way. First and foremost, we know that there are different stages of cellulite such as water, fat, and nodules. Therefore, unlike liposuction, we do not target fat immediately.

We focus first on the water retention reduction by using two simple natural products: powder and oil, which contains caffeine for detoxification. This is spread out on the focused area (for example, tummy), and then our therapist uses a very special draining technique to remove the water. When the water retention has been addressed and drained, we can proceed to the second part of the treatment. Pre- and post-measurement of treated areas will be done to compare the result/improvement every treatment. The measurements will also be used as reference to determine if you are already a candidate for the second part of the treatment.

After undergoing 10 sessions of Hydra Detox

After all water has been reduced, we then focus on the Fat Reduction. This time, we use a product that has an active ingredient to help fat reduction. The same techniques will be done. Again, pre- and post-measurement will be the basis if you are already a candidate for the final treatment. It usually takes 4-6 treatment sessions.

The last part of our treatment session is Nodules Reduction,which uses products that work specifically to eliminate nodules. The same technique will also be done. This is the final step in defining the result of the previous anti-cellulite treatments.

We can help you with your cellulite problem, but of course, it would be wise to regularly exercise and to be disciplined on food intake and portioning. Less salty, sweet, and oily foods will surely help you.

You don’t need to compromise your health and body by undergoing surgery just to get rid of cellulite, because LineaOrganica and bSoul would love to take care of your body and help you regain and boost your self-confidence. We have professional consultants who will guide you and accompany you on this journey.

These treatments are available at LineaOrganica Experience – S Maison Conrad Manila, Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City, NCR.