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Beauty Gifts Your Friends Want According to Their Zodiac Sign

Struggling with what to give your friends this Christmas?

Then let’s ask what the stars has to say. Yep – let’s dive into the realm of Zodiac signs and get a glimpse of their personalities to find the perfect fit for them.

After all, ‘tis the season of gifts, love, and togetherness. 


The sign with a headstrong “I can!” attitude, they are definitely a ball of life and energy! Aries people always crave excitement and thrills in life, which can result to them easily getting bored when there’s not much to do in their calendar. Your gift has to be a mix of new things and adventure (so you can keep up with their fascination to new things ). Add these products that they surely will get fond of to your list:

* Travel Bag, Naobay Travel Skincare Kit, Shoes


As an earth sign, Taurus people are also known as “grounded people,” because they are the epitome of loyal. They have good taste when it comes to material things, and they love receiving gifts; this is because Taurus is ruled by the planet of beauty, Venus, making them very associative to luxury. You can either give them clothes, jewelry, or art. Here’s another tip: having a Taurus friend doesn’t mean you have to spend a wad of money- simply associate your gifts to their favourite things, then you’re good to go!

*New wardrobe staples, jewelries, inspirational mood board, Iva Natura Face Mask


There are your friends that are always in pursuit of different lessons in life and also creativity. These pursuits are also a factor that they’re not afraid to communicate their thoughts. They enjoy pushing the limitations of their minds. Gifts for them can be as easy as books and books and books, but since that’s probably the most that they are going to get, why don’t you add something like a journal or a planner that they can jot down their thoughts on?

*Books, Journal, Manga, 3 Effect Eye Area Cream


Very intuitive, this sign is very in touch with their emotions. Sensitive at it finest is who they are. They are what we call the domestic and home-y sign, because they love decorating their homes. For your Cancer friends, give gifts that they can use for their home, or combine it with a gift that holds a sentimental value or memory for them. The more personal, the better!

*Personalized t-shirt, succulents to decorate their home, friendship bracelet, Body Iva Natura Anti-oxidant Shower Gel


If you haven’t noticed, your Leo friends like all things beauty, skin care, hair care, fashion, make-up, and every glam thing all the way down. When it comes to beauty, more is more for them.  As a Fire sign, they are known to be passionate and dynamic! With their upbeat personality, it makes them the life of the party. For gifts, try go for things that speak their brimming personality.

*Complete make up palette, brush set, bSoul Hydra Milk Cleanser, dress, Radico Organic Hair Color


If you have to describe this sign, it would be “practical and logical.” It’s just how they approach life. They are known for their good analysis which makes them good in giving advice too. Virgos are not that hard to please due to their humble attitude, being an earth sign. As a friend of Virgo, it’s always good to put thoughts into what you will give them like practical and purposeful gifts.

*Headphones, Phone cases, travel kit, Iva Natura Body lotion


AKA the Beauty Guru! Basically they are the cherry-on-top fashion icon, always in the know about the latest cosmetics and clothing. Everything about Libra screams appearance. The beauty of being friends with Libra is it enables you to grasp the balance that you need in life. They go hand-in-hand with relationships and partners, which is probably the reason that attracts you the most to them. For them to appreciate your gifts, appeal to their taste, and give them something like:

*Trendy coat, shoes, new make up collection, new skincare product (bSoul Physiological Set)


With their strong personality, they are often mistaken as hard-to-please type of people. The truth is, underneath their analytical demeanor, they are the most emotional sign of all. If you have Scorpio friends, you already know that they are the best MOTIVATIONAL speakers of all with their bold and daring perspective. The best gift for them is to go sentimental, and have a personal touch to it.

*Couple shirt, customized accessory or bag, Naobay Skincare Set


The word “wanderlust” is etched to this sign. They are always on the run for knowledge, hungry for new experience, and they are inclined to the great outdoors. They always seem to be on-the-go and up for any adventure. They detest unjust behavior and a seeker of improvement. Their quest for learning is insatiable – that’s why you are in good influence if you have a Sag friend. This one’s for them:

*Travel bag, luggage, Iva Natura Mini Travel bundles, shoes for outdoor



The last earth sign, they are “builders” and the true soul innovators. They always seem to think outside the box, making them extremely creative with their craft. They are associated with business and a bustling professional life. Being friends with them is without a doubt, stress-free! They are devoted to the people they love and act as emotional support to your life. Be grateful to your Capricorn friends! Here’s how you can show how much you enjoy their existence by giving them gifts that are functional in their lives:

*Work essentials: leather journal, bag, wireless charger, Naobay Shampoo Shower Gel


The sign with the strongest need for liberation and justice. As their friends, you know that they boldly speak the truth. Their objective insight is beyond what we can comprehend, and it leaves us in awe the way their mind thinks. Out of all the signs, they are the most humanitarian. Aquarius people love technology, and they’re a huge fan of the Internet. They love convenience, which includes social media. Things that you can give them, of course, is something tech-y!

*Gadget accessory, customized laptop stickers, Iva Natura Hair Mask


The dreamers and empaths of the Zodiac signs, they are one of the most intuitive and can easily pick up others’ emotions. Ever need a friend to talk about weird stuff, your drama, universe, love, and history? Call up your Pisces friends. Even in friendships, they wear their hearts on their sleeves. They are imaginative, artistic, and into self-care. When gifting them, always opt for presents that have sentimental value. Give them something that they can channel their artistry and creativity with.

*Art supplies, camera, lip balm, bSoul BB cream

And so the stars have spoken! Go get your friend their favorite things according to their Zodiac signs!