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7 Ways To Supplement Your Workout

Working out can only do so much for our bodies, so we listed down 7 ways to give an additional boost to the health benefits of exercise.

1. Drink Infused Water – Water is something we take for granted. We don’t talk much about how many glasses we take, or if we even carry a water bottle to the gym. But water is indeed life, so spruce up your hydration with fruits! Try these fun combinations: watermelon and mint, apple and cinnamon, calamansi and cucumber! However, the fruits are just a part of the equation. Make sure that the water you use is also good for you! If possible, lessen single-use plastic bottles and invest in high-quality water purifiers.

2. Try protein shakes – Protein shakes are another power-up wherein you mix protein powder with water. Protein is your metabolic engine and helps you lose body fat. Popular protein shakes include soy, pea, rice, and whey, among others. It would be good to consult your doctor though before trying out a protein shake brand as we also have different bodies and needs.

3.Take dietary supplements – If you’re a very busy person and have no time to cut fruits and vegetables or make a protein shake, dietary supplements are a good option. The nutrients we lack in the food we eat daily can be filled by the nutrients we can get from supplements.

4. Have a good post-workout meal – We can’t stress enough how important it is to regain your strength after a power routine by preparing a post-workout meal! Eating afterwards helps our bodies to recover and lessens the breaking down of the protein in our muscles. Our bodies rebuild glycogen stores to help restore protein muscles, and eating a healthy meal can speed up the process. Stock up on a good portion of carbohydrates, protein, and good fat.

5. Listen to the music – Some people prefer to work out without music, some people do! But if you’ve been feeling sluggish lately, an upbeat song (or an emotional climactic one if you’re feeling a little sentimental) can definitely lift your spirits. Just like exercise which releases serotonin (a so called happy chemical that gives feelings of cheerfulness), music helps release dopamine which provides feelings of satisfaction and pleasure. When you’re lifting weights, listen to songs that bring out the strength in you, and when you’re running, listen to upbeat songs that you can sync with your own steps. You’ll notice that you’ll enjoy exercise more than dread it in the long run!

6. Rest and recover – Our bodies need to recover from workouts; don’t put so much pressure on yourself to hustle, hustle, hustle, because it might not end up good for you. Plus, if you exercise daily with intense reps and several sets, it can get difficult to maintain over time. Have an even pacing, and stay in tune with your body to figure out what it needs. You’ll feel it if you know you’ve gone beyond your limits and if you need a good rest day.

7. Mind your skin – When our goal is to lose fat, we must consider the results to our skin too. You may build and tone muscles by taking on weight training exercises, and you may also massage the area with loose skin to increase blood flow. Applying creams and lotions like the bSoul Hydra Tone Body Lotion, a body toning moisturizer with anti-aging action that can counteract skin tone loss and improve skin firmness and compactness, may also help.

These are just some tips that can add more fun and benefits to your workout regimen! What else would you like to share? Comment below!