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5 Products You Need To Stay Clean This Rainy Season

If you think this article is just another waterproof make-up product list for the rainy season, you’re wrong! Philippine weather is known for its unpredictability; sometimes it rains, and sometimes it’s very hot – this is why people think ahead of time to prepare the right essentials for themselves. Since the weather nowadays is always cold and rainy, we gather five organic products that will definitely help you to stay clean this season.



Staying fresh this wet season is one of the important things that a woman should do. We girls do not want to feel uncomfortable when going out, which is why everyday-on-the-go cleansing wipes are a must. Good thing Good Clean Love offers organic feminine wipes – the Rebalance Personal Moisturizing & Cleansing Wipes.



Rainy seasons mean that there’s a huge chance that it will flood, and when there’s flood, we are prone to get bacteria and germs, especially our feet! An anti-bacterial foot lotion must be included in your essentials kit. Iva Natura Foot Care Lotion is made with anti-bacterial natural ingredients that help in protecting the skin.



We know that it’s hard to take a bath in this pretty cold weather. If you’re one of the people who experience having a hard time taking a bath in this kind of weather, a 2-in-1 product will help you take a bath in a shorter amount of time but definitely still having the same cleaning benefits. Moreover, Zanz Helan Scented Shampoo Shower Gel is not your typical shower essential: it has a special scent that repels and reduces the risk of having contact with mosquitoes.



Staying clean is nothing without a liquid cleanser. Before using any creams and lotions, we must first clean our skin using a liquid cleanser or any cleansing soap. Good thing that Iva Natura has a Liquid Cleanser Soap that can be used in our body and face. It does not cause dryness on the skin and can be used for make-up removal.



Rainy weather means it’s bed weather! Who doesn’t want to cuddle with his/her partner at this time? Couples need something to spice up and enjoy the mixture of coldness and warmth at the same time. Good Clean Love Caribbean Rose Love Oil will make touching, kissing, and smelling each other better than ever.

We hope this list will help you be fresh and ready this rainy season!