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5 Anti-Aging Products That Are Worth Investing In 2019

2018 is nearly about to end and it is also the time to be prepared for 2019. Another year will pass which means that another year is added to our age (#sadtruth). But, do not let your age define you! Luckily, there are a lot of anti-aging products that can help us look younger than ever. However, how will you know which products are worth investing in? We listed down different organic anti-aging products below that are worth your money.


  Wrinkles? Fine lines? This intensive lifting serum from bSoul creates an immediate lifting effect to your skin. It can help lessen those expression lines so that you can look younger as years go by as if it’s still 2018! Seaweeds are added for long-lasting action and drainage of the eye area.


  The organic anti-aging cream from Iva Natura is made of Immortelle Flower which is known for its anti-oxidant feature that helps in staying young. Apply this every night after washing your face.


  The skin on our lips is obviously different from the rest of the skin on our face. Having dry lips can somehow make one look older than having smooth lips right? That’s why this Shaoyun Royal Jelly Lavender Lip Balm is ideal for dry and demanding lips, leaving them soft, moist, and smooth. Remember, smooth lips can help you look younger!
NAOBAY ORIGIN GENTLE FACIAL TONER   Wait, what? An organic anti-aging facial toner? Yup, you read that right. This gentle face toner from Naobay contains rice proteins, raspberry, calendula extracts and orange floral water that bring softness and freshness to your skin.


  We all know that having gray hair means we’re getting old. Do not worry, we can slow it down for you. Use this anti-gray black shampoo from Iva Natura that helps to delay the graying of hair.    Shop these organic anti-aging beauty products at any LineaOrganica branch: S Maison Conrad and Ayala Vertis North. You can also avail online at Have an organic holidays!