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4 Ways To Get Your Natural Hair Back

Have you ever had this itch to start embracing your natural hair again? Thanks to months of social distancing and closed salons, us women have no choice but to grow out our hair. The new normal has led us to a new trend – dark and natural is in, overly styled and colored hair is out. Maybe we’re starting to realize that the best hair color for us is the one we were born with after all. Fortunately, there is no better time to start reclaiming your natural hair back than this year.

Now we can’t skip the long, dreaded transition to grow our natural hair, but organic hair care can make it so much easier (and faster) for you. More and more celebrities are going back to natural black hair, and here’s our take on it how to do it organically:

1. Grow out your hair faster with herbal treatments

Healthy hair grows half an inch every 30 days, but certain organic herbs help it to grow faster. The only way to get your natural hair back is to grow it as fast and as healthy as possible. Potent herbs like Bhringraj and Brahmi are designed by mother nature herself to strengthen and grow hair faster. Bhringraj strengthens the roots and prevents hair loss, while Brahmi repairs split ends and keeps the roots well-nourished.

Brhami Powder – 990
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Bhringraj Powder – 990
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2. Avoid chemical-based hair shampoos and conditioners

Chemical shampoos are harsh to skin and hair. Ingredients commonly found in chemical hair care, such as SLS, reduce the scalp’s natural protective barrier. Organic shampoos, on the other hand, contain natural plant extracts that help the hair and scalp in many forms without using the chemicals. Organic shampoos infuse natural oils, minerals and herbal extracts into the hair follicles to maintain moisture. they also make the hair more healthy and repair the damaged hair.

Using organic shampoos and conditioners like Iva Natura Daily Care Shampoo and Conditioner is perfect to accompany you throughout your hair journey.

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IN Daily Care Shampoo – 850
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3. Use organic hair color that is closest to your natural shade

While you wait for your natural hair to grow back, using organic hair color closest to your natural shade will still make you look put together. Even out the color divide on your hair with Radico Color Me Organic Hair Color. The shades in Dark Brown or Soft Black look amazing on Filipina hair. We used these shades during our Hair Color Party last August 8,and the results were amazing!


Radico Organic Hair Color – 990

3. Replace the old with healthy, nourished hair through your very own DIY organic treatment

We have so many herbs available in LineaOrganica, and every herb has its own special power. HENNA boosts hair growth and reduces dandruff. AMLA is a powerhouse of nutrients that cures dandruff and prevents hairloss. RITHA clears dirt, dust and oil on hair, and amazing SHIKAKAI soothes the scalp and nourishes hair follicles. Want a treatment that’s made just for you? Include these 3 easy steps to make your own organic hair mask treatment:

  • Step 1: Put 3 scoops each of your chosen herbs in a small bowl
  • Step 2: Mix the herbs with hot water, until it becomes a ketchup-like consistency
  • Step 3: Massage the mask from scalp to tip

Customize your own DIY organic hair treatment with these herb powders