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4 Organic Beauty Products For Women With Sensitive Skin

One of the basic rules when buying cosmetic products is to know if products are a perfect match for your skin type. Some women have oily and dry skin which are common skin types but having sensitive skin is a whole lot different than the other skin types. It’s like going to war, and you do not know whether you can win, lose, or just survive.

Women with sensitive skin are the most thorough and meticulous when buying skincare for themselves because they are afraid to apply products on their skin that they don’t know much about. One day, their skin is in good condition, and the next day, it’s a mess.

Don’t worry girls – we’ve gathered some certified organic and natural products to help you win the battle against sensitivity every day.



This cleanser helps in balancing the skin’s pH levels, which will also help your sensitive skin not to react as much anymore. If these levels are normalized, the skin will function effectively.


Along with Hydra-Milk Cleanser, you need a perfect moisturizer for it. The bSoul Hydra Comfort is its partner-in-crime. It can improve the skin’s ability to retain water and gives brightness and softness to the skin.



If your sensitivity is around the eye area, the Hydraplus Eye Contour Cream is perfect for you. It offers anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory results. It also helps in removing dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.



To add more deep cleansing products, you will also need a face toner that is great for sensitive skin. Here’s the Hydraplus Face Toner which delivers freshness and facial cleansing action.

We hope that we can help you win the battle against sensitivity with this list! If you want a facial treatment too, we offer Hydrating Facials, Acne Facials, and Special Facials in LineaOrganica Experience, our organic salon and spa. We offer FREE skin consultation where your skin’s condition will be analysed, and our staff will recommend what’s best for you based on the results. Check this page for the full menu: