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3 Ways Scents Can Help Make Better Relationships

Of all the five senses, do you think we give much thought about the sense of smell?

No, right?

Well, now try to think of a world where we do not have it!

Can you imagine not smelling garlic when it’s being cooked? It’s so aromatic!

Here are three interesting things we’d like to share about scents:

1. Scents are so powerful that they can bring back vivid memories.

It can be your favorite adobo from childhood, the refreshing breeze by the sea, the air in your room with a note of lavender, your Mother’s and Father’s scent that you know and love, your baby’s skin after a warm bath, or the fragrance of your partner.

So how does smell bring back memories?

We have what we call the “Olfactory Bulb.” It sends information to be further processed in the amygdala, the orbitofrontal cortex, and the hippocampus where it plays a role in emotion, memory, and learning. In other words, the olfactory bulb and amygdala help each other, so the smell goes to the emotional and memory parts of the brain.

This is why memories flashback by smell and makes us feel nostalgic. When it comes to relationships too, let’s say that there’s a misunderstanding between you and your husband. Perhaps one whiff of roses would help you two to soften up and make amends, because the smell brought the two of you back on your first date when he gave you a bouquet of roses!

So don’t underestimate the little things. Pay attention to how they can help patch misunderstandings up. Our nose knows love!

2. Scents can affect mood

Certain aromas can boost a person’s mood like how peppermint stimulates the mind and makes one more alert. There are also those that can energize and de-stress someone like the clean smell of citrus.

Let’s say you and your husband are tired from a long trip and would love to wind down on a romantic night. Diffusing lavender oil can make the both of you to be calm and relaxed, so you can focus more on meaningful conversations and quality time together.

Meanwhile, to remember more of special moments, the smell of rosemary can assist you, so there won’t be any forgotten important dates in the relationship! This fragrant aroma can boost brain power, including helping people to recall complex details, tasks, or happenings.

3. Scents can heighten intimacy.

Our noses are the best compasses to find a suitable partner. There are two reasons: pheromones and the major histocompatibility complex (MHC), the genes that compose a great part of our immune system that delivers messages to hypothalamus. This little part of our brain comprises much of the limbic system, the part of our body responsible for managing our emotions, including our sexual behavior.

This is the reason we tend to buy more fragrances: to boost our scents and smell attractive. Did you know what the legend said about how Cleopatra once covered her the sails of her ship with the alluring fragrance of rose oils? Doing so brought the sweet smell into the harbor, thus capturing the attention and attracting her lover.

This love month, our organic GCL Love Oils can definitely help you to do so. We have three: GCL Origins Love Oil, a combination of herbal scents of black pepper and sage with musky sandalwood notes making you feel relaxed and warm; the GCL Carribean Rose Love Oil, a smoky, earthy base that overflows into a sweet and sensuous rose; and lastly, the GCL Indian Spice Love Oil, which has an aromatic and spicy tone that creates a sweet and balanced heat.

“When I do group demonstrations of our love oils, customers are genuinely shocked to see how different a love oil can be on them and everyone else in the group. They heighten your own special pheromone chemistry and alchemically make a whole new chemistry between you and your love.” – Good Clean Love Founder Wendy Strgar on The Smell of Love

And truly, the love oils do smell differently for each of us, so when a couple would use it, it creates a unique scent bridge between them.

“The chemical compounds that make up essential oils actually change your brain chemistry (and that of your partner) while you are using them.” – Wendy Strgar

These love oils can definitely make you and your partner’s relationship more sensual and special with the power of scents. They’re great for massages, kissing, and more.

It’s time to express your love to your special someone. Shower them with lovely scents, love, hugs, kisses, gifts, and most especially, quality time.

Happy Love Month, everyone!