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3 Things You Need To Know About Radico Organic Hair Color

Burgundy… Strawberry blonde… Mahogany… Wheat blonde… Champagne blonde… Light brown… Soft black…

Choosing hair colors is the kind of fun you get when you’re choosing ice cream flavors, huh?

Well, LineaOrganica’s organic hair color surely brings fun and surprise, because whoever heard of organic hair color, right?

Radico Organic Hair Color is one of the company’s best-selling products. Many people (including us!) are ecstatic that organic hair color exists! It is our recommended product for those who have sensitive scalps, who are allergic to chemical hair dyes, who want to safely cover their gray/white hairs, or who want to shift to organic products.

Are you curious too about this hair product wonder? Is your hair craving for some organic goodness? Then we invite you to read on!

Here are three things you need to know about Radico Organic Hair Color:


Each hair color (and there are 23 shades available!) has different combinations of herbs. Some of the herbs that Radico has include indigo, henna, amla, methi, and bhringraj among others, and they have their corresponding benefits.

We’re sure that you’ve heard of henna before.

Henna (Lawsonia inermis) boosts hair growth, cools the scalp and the skin, helps treat dandruff, and makes hair shine.

On the other hand, Indigo (Indigofera tinctoria) is used for coloring, masking, and toning, and it has antiseptic functions.

One Radico box is packed with their respective herb ingredients that not only help color your hair but also provide an advantageous effort in restoring its health.

So when you use Radico on your hair, you can be sure that it’s all from nature: there are no harmful chemicals or preservatives at all. To be more specific, there are no PPDs, PAPs, ammonia, resorcinol, SLS, or parabens.

It’s hypoallergenic, so worry not! It is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

However, we understand that some people may be particularly allergic to herbs, so we usually recommend that they take a free patch test at any of our stores to see if the herbs in your chosen hair color will react.

While we are on the topic about herbs, organic hair color is less intense compared to chemical hair color, for the reason that…

You’ve guessed it!

It’s organic, and it’s natural, and there are no preservatives or chemicals in the formula! This is why we can’t entirely compare organic to conventional hair dyes.

Keep note (and underline this three times!) that the herbs and plants are all grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides too.

This is also why Radico Organic Hair Color will stay on your hair for only 3-4 weeks, depending on your hair’s health and care.

LineaOrganica recommends that you use organic shampoo and conditioner too, so that you won’t mix in any unwanted chemicals from other products. Because once you commit to using organic and natural products, it follows that you will use complementary products that are also organic and natural.


Words like “I love you” are easily uttered nowadays – sometimes carelessly, sometimes the person saying it not knowing what it truly means.

Kind of like the words ‘organic’ and ‘natural.’

In LineaOrganica’s dictionary, certified organic is real organic.

Radico Organic Hair Color has the following certifications: ECOCERT, MADE SAFE, USDA Organic, and India Organic. It is also certified as vegan.

Having these certifications means that Radico has passed strict standards of organic cosmetics of those certifying bodies.

So if you’re worrying about safety, think ‘certified!’


We know, it’s kind of obvious, but we cannot reiterate this enough.

Organic hair color is different from the conventional hair color that is like magic: when you apply it, it colors immediately.

When you begin your hair’s organic journey, especially if it has experienced years of hair coloring, intense heat from ironing, perming, rebonding, and all other procedures, it will really take time for it to get adapted again to its original and natural health and state.

When you apply Radico for the first time, please keep in mind that its color will not take effect immediately in some cases. So don’t worry if the color doesn’t appear as much or if the gray/white hairs have not been fully covered. During the first application, the herbs are still breaking down the chemicals that have accumulated in your hair due to previous hair treatments.

After the first application, the oxidation period of 3-5 days starts when the hair is being neutralized, thus making its transition from chemical to organic.

Please note too that in very few cases because of various reasons, a person may get a purple tone after applying soft black color or orange-ish tone on their hair after applying brown color. If this happens, you may take following action:

  • In case of purple tone, you may apply paste of natural henna on hair, and hair will become blackish again.
  • In case of orange-ish tone, kindly apply paste of powder, and the orange tone will go away.

 Caption: There are 23 shades, and we divided them into Asian and Western hair colors. If you have naturally dark hair, the only applicable shades for you are under Asian hair colors, and if you have naturally light hair, a Western shade is good for you.

Radico is very easy to apply, and it can even be done by yourself at home. But we also offer Organic Hair Coloration Treatment at LineaOrganica Experience, our organic salon and spa. You may check the price and list of hair services here.

WATCH: How to Color your Hair Organically with Radico Organic Hair Color

Each box comes with a container and a brush; that’s where you will put in the powder and the hot water (around 60-70 degrees Celsius) you will mix it with until you get a ketchup- or yogurt-like consistency.

Apply the herbs within 15 minutes, so it will take effect. You can leave the paste on your hair for a minimum of 60 minutes, but some people leave it for more to increase or intensify the effect. More hours means more intense color. Then rinse with water afterwards.

But keep in mind that after you use the hair color, you must not shampoo your hair for 3-5 days for the oxidation period. As these days go by, you will notice that there will be a change in the color of your hair.

But if you’re still not happy with the color or if the gray hairs have not been covered entirely, you may reapply as desired after the oxidation period! It’s completely safe as it’s just herbs and contains no chemicals!

One box of Radico is 100 grams. For an estimate, here is how much you will need:

  • 20-30g for Short Hair
  • 40-60g for Medium Length Hair
  • 70-100g for Long Hair

This will serve as a guide to how much you will need in coloring your whole hair or just the whites and grays.

Also, once you’ve opened the box, you must consume the herbal powder within 3 months.

The hair color will stay for around 3-4 weeks, so long as organic products are also used on your hair. We also recommend that you use organic shampoo, conditioner, and hair masks to fully unlock the benefits of using organic products. Chemical-based hair products may alter the effects of the organic hair color.

Hair color never got this fun and safe, don’t you agree?

Using Radico will take a while, so patience is required. Think of the good things it will bring like restoring your hair its original health, coloring it safely (and frequently!), and giving Mother Nature a much needed break. When we go for organic, we are showing more demand for the responsible growing and sustainability of the ingredients of the products we use.

It’s high time we care more about our health and Earth’s as well.

Want to make a radical lifestyle change? Go for Radico Organic Hair Color.