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10 Organic & Natural Products for the BER Months!

Brrrr! It’s the Ber Months!

The harbinger of ‘sweater weather,’ the Ber Months are called so, because of the BER syllable of the last four months of the year. It’s a collective term by Filipinos for September, October, November, and December.

When September comes in the Philippines, it signals two things: 1) malls, jeepneys, and eager officemates will start playing holiday songs; and 2) cooler weather!

Although we do not have snow, the winds can still get relatively cool in the Philippines when the Ber Months come marching in, and that’s not just in the provinces and higher elevation areas – the urban jungle has its share of the cold temperature too. (But hey, if you’re spending the Ber Months someplace with winter, feel free to take these essentials with you!)

This is why we should not forget to hydrate and moisturize to avoid dry hair and skin. Frizz, breakage, dullness, and dryness – if you want to prevent these conditions this Ber months season organically and naturally, LineaOrganica has listed down 10 products you can use (or perhaps consider as a holiday gift!).

Let’s start from top to bottom – from the hair to the feet!


Situated in Eastern Europe and Western Asia, the country of Turkey has cultural connections to ancient civilizations. This is where the certified organic Iva Natura products hail from. Help your hair balance its moisture with the Iva Natura Nourishing Shampoo for Dry Hair. Prepared from the Marsh Horsetail herbal essences collected from Adıyaman where the Euphrates River feeds the fertile plains below Mount Nemrut, your hair will definitely have a different kind of care. The Marsh Horsetail plant contains K Flavonoid and especially Silica, which helps to nourish hair follicles and the scalp.

Partner this with the Iva Natura Nourishing Conditioner for Dry Hair that has olive oil as its main ingredient. Rich in antioxidants and collected from Izmir, the conditioner will help repair hair dryness.

Complete your hair care routine with the Iva Natura Nourishing Hair Mask. Prepared from Laurel extracts from the Harbiye Waterfall in the Mediterranean Region of Turkey, this Hair Mask absolutely seals the deal to fully address your hair’s needs.


From the land where the Tuscan sun rises comes our second item in the list: the bSoul Hydra Comfort Moisturizing Cream.

It has active ingredients that can improve the skin’s ability to retain water. It contains squalene, olive fruit oil, olive fruit unsaponifiables, and shea butter to hydrate from the surface to the depths of the skin and rebalance the hydro-lipo-protein film damage by UV rays. Ideal for all skin types, this moisturizing cream will give brightness and softness to your face even if the cooler temperatures of November and December will try to make you look pale!


If you’ve got sensitive, dry, and distressed skin, there’s also a face cream LineaOrganica recommends for you! It is also good for rosacea-prone skin. A product from Germany, the Shaoyun HyEm38 Face Cream has a 24-hour moisture control and can make skin smoother to the touch and more resilient.

Shaoyun products are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and are manufactured with authentic organic herbs, so you can be sure that this natural face cream will be a boon to you.


Moisture, moisture, moisture!

This is key if you want to keep your skin fresh during this cool season.

All the way from Spain, the Naobay Face Mist Toner from their Equilibria Line has aloe vera, chamomile, and calendula, which help make the skin feel more fresh and clean. It balances, cleanses, and moisturizes, so whenever you’re high up in the mountains of Baguio or Tagaytay, just close your eyes and spray directly to your face, eye contour, and neck for that dose of rejuvenation.


If this doesn’t make you feel hungry, LineaOrganica may need to share a little more information about this product!

The Shaoyun Royal Jelly Lip Balm has royal jelly, lavender, coconut, and honey! (We promise we’re not talking about ice cream flavors here.)

Just apply a dab of it to your lips to help relieve it from cracking and dryness. It’s safe to use frequently in a day as it doesn’t contain any chemicals, preservatives, dyes, or artificial fragrance. Even children can use this! Ideal for dry and demanding lips, this lip balm provides deep conditioning and lasting moisturizing effects, leaving your lips soft, moist, and smooth the entire day.

We won’t be surprised if bees (or a certain tiny yellow bear) will start to follow you!

Lip balms with honey – second best thing next to plain honey, right?


During the Ber months, you’ll be wearing sweaters or jackets most of the time; you wouldn’t want your exposed hands to be dry and dull! Keep them soft with the Iva Natura Hand Cream that comes from extracts of tangerine flowers grown in Antalya, a coastal city in southern Anatolia. The flowers collected during the prime season have a unique smell, and they are also rich in Vitamin C, an antioxidant that can help against free radicals.


Don’t forget to apply lotion to your whole body too, and LineaOrganica recommends the Naobay Body Radiance Lotion. Against the gray skies of the Ber Months, your radiance will shine forth, thanks to the deep moisturizing properties of the lotion’s ingredients like olive oil, avocado oil, and shea butter. These nourish and firm the skin tissues.

Added aloe vera provides 24-hour protection as well from external aggressions.

One fun fact too about Naobay packaging: they’re made from recycled/recyclable materials from sustainable resources. This is to ensure that there is minimum impact to the environment.


Are you one of those people who feel cold instantly when there’s a strong cold breeze or when the air conditioner has been on for long hours already? When you apply the bSoul Hydra Cell Anti-Cellulite Body Lotion, you will feel a little warm, so we hope that helps you with your cold problems!

But do you know why the Hydra Cell will make you feel warm? It actually maintains microcirculation and subcutaneous metabolism. One of its ingredients include green tea extracts, and we all know that green tea has antioxidants called catechins that help enhance the burning of calories. Also, this lotion is rich in natural active ingredients, thus making it good for skin with cellulite and water retention.

Massaged every day, it will help improve cellulite blemishes in your body. This is very suitable as well when you want to keep and look fit during this season, especially that it may take longer to sweat because of the cool winds when you’re out jogging. But of course, don’t forget having a balanced diet in the right portions; this lotion will only act as support in your body goals!

If you partner the bSoul Hydra Cell Body Lotion when you avail the bSoul Hydra Detox treatment from LineaOrganica Experience, your dream body will just be a few sessions away!


The sweater weather calls for some cuddles and intimate moments with your lover! To heighten up the senses and the experience, LineaOrganica suggests that you spice up the cool weather with Good Clean Love Caribbean Rose Love Oil. Awaken your and your partner’s passionate sides with this pure, high-quality rose scented oil. It starts with a smoky, earthy smell that overflows into a sweet and sensuous rose.


This juice isn’t for drinking!

The Naobay Orange Juice Foot Cream is enriched with shea butter, aloe vera, and orange extracts. It also contains essential tea tree oil! The cream is easily absorbed into the skin, making it supple and soft. Usually, we apply dabs of lotion to our hands and bodies, but we neglect the feet. Don’t forget to moisturize them too with this foot cream that has Hyaluronic Acid which has an ability to retain water, making it an effective moisturizer.

The acid also helps in decreasing depths of wrinkles, improving skin elasticity, and increasing barrier functions of the skin.

And our list ends here.

May these products help you in staying fresh and moisturized during these Ber Months of 2018! The best way is to shift to the organic and natural!

Have you tried any of these products? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!