Founded by the visionary Director Mr. Sanjeev Bhatt, Radico is a multinational company based in India that creates and distributes certified organic and natural hair care products globally. From hair color to herbs and oils, Radico presents an alternative way to those who are looking for a healthy way to take care of their crowning glory. Its exclusive distributor in the Philippines, LineaOrganica Corporation, started to carry their products last 2017.


100% HERBS

Herbs have plenty of benefits to the hair like restoring its health, helping to prevent hair fall, and many more


Being certified by international bodies like ECOCERT and the USDA guarantees that what you are using is truly organic


NO PPDs, ammonia, peroxide, resorcinol, and other chemicals. Suitable for people with sensitive scalps,damaged hair, and allergies to hair dye


Rest assured that what you are using did not harm any animals in the process



IMPORTANT: For first time users of Radico Organic Hair Color, we strongly recommend that you use at least 3 boxes to give way to your hair’s switching to organic coloration.

Qty Required:

  • 20gm to 30gm – For Short Hair
  • 40gm to 60gm – For shoulder length hair (Medium size hair)
  • 70gm to 100gm – For waist length (Long hair)


1. Wash your hair with organic shampoo & dry your hair.

2. Mix Radico in hot water to activate the properties of the herbs. Adjust the quantity of water as required to achieve a “yogurt or ketchup like” consistency. Paste should not be too thick or too thin.

3. While mixture is still warm, apply the paste immediately, starting at the roots and spread evenly to the ends.

4. You may leave the hair color for 60 MINUTES OR MORE. The longer you leave it on, the better the result. Don’t worry because it will not irritate your scalp, or leave any stain.

5. Cover up with shower cap or cling wrap to let your hair absorb the herbs.

6. Rinse the hair with WATER only until the color runs out. Do not use shampoo after treatment to allow the oxidation process. However you may use conditioner if desired.

7. We strongly recommend the use of CERTIFIED ORGANIC SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER. Chemical-based hair products are not advised as these may alter the effects of organic hair color.

8. There is a 3-5 DAYS OXIDATION PERIOD. The color will intensify during those days. If you are still not satisfied with the hair color after oxidation period, you may reapply it as desired.

9. Coloring result may vary from person to person depending on the health condition of the hair & scalp.


  • Amla – Helps promote hair growth.
  • Henna – Conditions the hair and makes it smooth and shiny.
  • Bhringraj – Revitalizes hair follicles by stimulating blood circulation
  • Brahmi – For premature hair fall, scalp irritation, and strengthening hair strands
  • Methi – Controls dandruff, premature hair loss, scalp irritation, & hair color
  • Neem – Used for head lice; revitalizes the scalp and addresses dandruff
  • Shikakai – Controls dandruff, promotes hair growth, and strengthens hair roots
  • Ritha – Natural cleanser; controls dandruff, hair loss, and scalp irritations
  • 3-in-1 Hair Treatment – Focuses on the scalp and roots; contains Amla, Ritha, and Shikakai
  • Colorless Henna – Conditions and adds luster to the hair
  • Herbal Henna – Has the combined power of Amla, Ritha, Shikakai, and Bhringraj




Q: Is it safe for those who are allergic or pregnant ?

— A: It is! All Radico products have the Made Safe Certification that guarantees its products are free from toxic and harmful ingredients.

Q: Is it permanent hair dye ?

— A: No, because permanent hair dye is only possible with chemical ingredients like bleach or ammonia that kills the original hair color. Radico coats the hair with 100% organic dyes. That's also the reason why your hair becomes stronger and healthier after application.

Q: How do I take care of my hair after coloring ?

— A: Organic hair color will last longer when paired with organic shampoos and conditioners. Use Naobay Color Protect Shampoo and Protective Conditioner

Q: How do I use Radico Henna Powder?

— A: Mix hot water with the herb until it becomes a ketchup-like consistency. Wait for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour, then wash hair and damp dry before applying Radico Organic Hair Color.

Q: How many colors are available ?

— A: Radico is available in 23 different colors. We always recommend to choose the color closest to your natural hair!