From a tiny seed, a great tree can sprout.

Everything has its own beginning, and this is ours.

Our Chief Operating Officer Ruby Federizo has always been a hard-working businesswoman. She has to look her best in all that she does: from meetings to presentations and gatherings. But because of a pressing health problem that can render her very weak at times, she cannot take the treatments she used to do, like having her hair coloured in the salon.

She has become very sensitive to the procedures and the ingredients in these treatments, but she still undertook them to appear presentable because of the nature of her business. In the Filipina modern beauty context, she took the well-trodden path of ‘tiis-ganda.’ It is a Filipino term that means ‘sacrificing health/feeling pain just to achieve beauty.’

Her daughter, our Managing and Marketing Director Mikee Federizo, concerned about her Mom’s health, shared about the organic and natural way of life to her. This is something she explored more about when she lived and studied in Taiwan.

This question rose from all this: ‘Why are we sacrificing our health for beauty? Why are we using products with chemical ingredients that we know may badly affect us and our families? All in the name of beauty? And by whose standards too?’

In the older generation’s perspective, Ma’am Ruby, is already earning the negative effects from years of using those products and treatments with harsh chemicals. Meanwhile in the younger generation’s perspective, Ms. Mikee can start as early as now to help prevent getting health problems by only using what’s good in the long run.

We were through with having to compromise our health for society’s beauty standards. We believe that our health comes first, and when there is goodness within, it will reflect in the external through happier eyes, a wider smile, and glowing skin. This is the kind of beauty we hope to inspire in you too: that you love yourself enough to really prioritize your health over everything. Without a healthy body, how can you take care of yourself, your family, your career, your dreams, the community, and the environment?

This is our big WHY.

We want LineaOrganica to be the place where people can find certified organic and natural products and a holistic approach to hair, facial, and body treatments for those who are looking for safer and gentler alternatives, for those who are also through with society’s claim that beauty is above all, and for those who want to make healthier choices for themselves, their families, and the planet.

Woman, strive for your own kind of beauty inspired by health.